Retaining water!

April 29, 2010

Okay. lately meaning the past few months..i have been feeling bloaded and full when i drink. Well i know i eat alot of peanuts and sunflower seeds and pretzels and popcorn. well all those things have salt in them,grrrrrrr. Salt makes you retain water, and i didnt know now i am cutting way back on the salt.If i would have know that, it would have solved my problem. Well other then that i have been eating pretty good, but i always do bad on pizza.i love pizza, so usualy if its there i eat it.


healthy drinks mmm!

April 1, 2010

So lately i have gotten into drinking healthy drinks. Drinks that have vitamins and natural juices,not just sugary drinks. I love getting “naked” drinks. But i also love “sobe” drinks and “fuze” drinks. Sobe drinks are drinks that have vitamins in it.and its real good for you! and the fuze drinks are good for you,but unlike the sobe drinks, they have way less calaries and carbs. So those drinks are real good for people on diets,trying not to eat or drinks things with alot of “fat”. well doing good with my diet with the ecception of chocolate and that i went to johns incredible pizza and pigged out:( well my diets buddy brandon has informed me that he has just been eating alot of pretzels.

going good!

March 25, 2010

So i am very proud of myself this week on eating healthy! i have drinking these drinks called fuze and also sobe drinks mmmm those are so good! i encourage people to buy them, because their good for you. i have been eating less candy and junk food. Not that long ago i went on a date and i got a salad! which i usualy dont get although people would assume i always do given i am a vegetarian. So my good friend Brandon told me what he ate today and he has eaten salad, and chips and salsa, and a bagel. I think he is eating real healthy and should stay on that track!

How healthy have i been?

March 12, 2010

So I wasn’t really being good on the whole “eating healthy” thing…I kind of wasn’t for the last week, but for the last couple days I have been eating more healthy. So hopefully now I will stick to it. Today I ate some peanuts in the morning and water; I was in a rush to go to school. I also ate a bean cup from Del taco and some m&ms and orange juice. I have been exercising a little bit here and there, but I blame that on the weather. So today I asked my friend Melissa what she ate. She ate: oatmeal and a slice of bread for breakfast, and a bean burrito from Del taco, and some trail mix and she loves to drink water, so she drank a lot of that! So my goal for this week is to plenty of water, exercise daily, and eat healthy food and not eat any fast food at all.

Being Healthy

March 12, 2010

So lately I’ve been on this health kick thing…I have been wanting to eat more healthier and exercise more and just do things in my life more healthy. So that’s what IV been trying to do, I want to drink more water throughout the day and not eat just food as much, just sometimes. I think it’s a good thing to start doing that will be better for my future health and my bank account by saving money and not going out to eat. I want to start drinking good juices that are good for my body and not soda, and eat little healthy snacks and fruits. I will be asking a different person every week also on what they ate, just to see how healthy others around me are eating!

Hello world!

March 12, 2010

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