How healthy have i been?

So I wasn’t really being good on the whole “eating healthy” thing…I kind of wasn’t for the last week, but for the last couple days I have been eating more healthy. So hopefully now I will stick to it. Today I ate some peanuts in the morning and water; I was in a rush to go to school. I also ate a bean cup from Del taco and some m&ms and orange juice. I have been exercising a little bit here and there, but I blame that on the weather. So today I asked my friend Melissa what she ate. She ate: oatmeal and a slice of bread for breakfast, and a bean burrito from Del taco, and some trail mix and she loves to drink water, so she drank a lot of that! So my goal for this week is to plenty of water, exercise daily, and eat healthy food and not eat any fast food at all.


One Response to “How healthy have i been?”

  1. Nicole Sok Says:

    If i don’t eat healthy i feel slugish and have little energy. I have a very sensitive GI system “thanks dad” which makes it very difficult for me to eat badly, If i do i pay for it later. Once your body gets used to not having those toxins in it from junk food it functions better…. but it also helps if you like to eat veggies and fruit i know some people who can’t stand them.

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